One-Year-Review: Rubberized Undercoating 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport - Undercoating in a Can
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One-Year-Review: Rubberized Undercoating 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport

One-Year-Review: Rubberized Undercoating 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport

By on Apr 21st 2023

1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport Restoration

Matt Barnes of Engine Adventures teamed up with Car Revs Daily to build a stock 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport into a reliable everyday vehicle. Looking for a premium, easy-to-apply, affordable coating to protect the vehicle, they found Undercoating in a Can.

When building (or restoring) a vehicle, prevention  AND protection are incredibly important. From handling old, unique parts to stripping steel down to metal, you want to make sure each component is inspected and in top shape to ensure vehicle longevity. Otherwise, the hard work in restoring is all for nothing.

That’s where Undercoating in a Can comes in. For this work (named Project XJ), Matt needed a strong affordable coating that could handle the harsh elements associated with off-roading (dirt, dust, gravel, mud, sand) as well as the temperature fluctuations from icy cold to scorching hot.

Knowing all of these things, we turned to our extensive line of Undercoating in a Can products. Being in the business for decades in industrial applications and on vehicles used by major carriers, we knew the perfect product for Matt.

Rubberized Undercoating in a Can

When it came down to deciding the product for his application, it was a no-brainer. Our premier 100% rubber undercoating is the result of decades of research, development, testing, and quality control to formulate the perfect coating for adhesion and protection.

Along with great sound deadening features and a hard paint-over finish, this product does particularly well against elements associated with off-roading, including dirt, dust, gravel, and rocks. This is due to the film drying firm and hard, creating protection to repel small debris from attacking and sticking to your undercarriage.

While the wax-based formulation showcases both great adhesion and cohesion to the metal, it dries tacky and pliable, so the road debris would stick to the coating over time, as opposed to repelling off. The self-healing properties of the wax are also not essential for this project. Oil-based coatings like our Clear Fluid Coat provide great protection by creeping into crevices and surfaces, but will wear/wash off over time, and exposure to extreme off-road elements would expedite that process.

Since the vehicle is being restored, we knew he would be applying this coating to a prepared, clean, non-porous frame. The rubberized undercoating features great adhesion, so by ensuring no moisture or air is trapped while applying, you will get a nice smooth coating with nowhere for rust to form, and no way for moisture to get underneath and attack the substrate.

Matt on Project XJ

“On Project XJ the rubberized formula was used. The rubberized coating was the obvious choice when adding frame stiffeners to the XJ. All rust would be removed prior to welding the stiffeners in, leaving a clean surface. We were surprised by how even and smooth the coating went on considering our sub-par spray painting abilities. Having been applied for a year now, the rubberized coating has held up extremely well. It is a daily driver and has seen a lot of road salt and below freezing temperatures with no issues. During the summer the coating saw mud, gravel, dirt, and sand in temperatures over 100°F, again with no issues.”

Read the review, follow the Project XJ journey, and shop Undercoating in a Can:


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