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is an all metal spray gun that is designed for use with Undercoating in a Can pre-filled QUIK CHANGE Quart Bottles. (Read More)
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QUIKCOAT EZ Sprayer for Applying Undercoating


QUIKCOAT EZ Sprayer is an all metal spray gun that is designed for use with Undercoating in a Can pre-filled QUIK CHANGE Quart Bottles. This gun is equipped with an adjustable nozzle allowing the user to control the product flow and pattern. This is a cost effective and convenient way to apply automotive undercoating to all transportation vehicles,  trailers and equipment. This easy to use sprayer does require compressed air supply of 70 - 100 PSI for proper operation.


 QUIKCOAT EZ Sprayer Benefits

  • Designed to spray viscus coatings 
  • Used with easily interchangeable QUIK CHANGE Quart Bottles
  • Adjustable Spray Nozzle 
  • All Metal Components for easy clean-up
  • Light Weight and Maneuverable 


 If you have any questions, contact us at our toll free number 1-570-822-1152.

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